OFFERING 12-month programs for ages 18 months through Pre-Kindergarten

Please see our ADMISSIONS PAGE for our Program Choices and Fees.  Call 713.861.8787 to schedule a tour and for more information.

Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood Education programs serve ages 18 months to Pre-Kindergarten. We are licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and accredited through the National Lutheran Schools Association. We offer 12 months of care for your child(ren), including day care in the summer months.


Five Day Program Options
8:00am-11:30am Half Day Program
8:00am-3:00pm School Day Program
6:30am-6:00pm All-Day Program

Mother’s Day Out Program Options
8 am-11:30 am Two Day: Tues & Thurs or Three Day: Mon, Wed, Fri
8 am-3 pm Two Day Extended: Tues & Thurs or Three Day Extended: Mon, Wed, Fri

Toddlers 5 Day Programs (see above) and Mother’s Day Out Programs (mornings only) 18 months
Our Toddler Program is set in a loving, nurturing environment. This program is designed to stimulate and enhance each child’s individual development.

The Curriculum is a theme-based curriculum that is developed to promote and encourage toddlers in building their independence. Our classrooms encourage toddlers to have positive social interaction. Potty training is introduced and encouraged.

Two’s 5 Day Programs and Mother’s Day Out Programs (age 2 on or before September 1)
Our program for two-year-olds is a warm and friendly environment centered on meeting all the needs of every child. Using a theme-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, it is attentive to the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual growth of each child.

Independence is encouraged as children begin doing things for themselves such as following directions and putting away toys. Potty training is a big part of this class and must be mastered before a child can move on to the next class. Two-year-olds are learning all about the world around them as they begin to explore their world.

Pre-School 5 day programs and Mother’s Day Out 3-day programs (age 3 on or before September 1)
Our program for three-year-olds is a warm and encouraging environment that is designed to promote the love of learning. Our classrooms foster an innate curiosity as children grow and learn in a nurturing Christian environment. As your child’s attention span increases, the amount of structure is gradually increased.

Class activities are a balance of learning centers, large group lessons, and table activities. The curriculum is theme-based, designed to build on what your child has already learned. Students are introduced to the alphabet and beginning sounds. Social interactions are also a big part of our day.

Pre-Kindergarten (age 4 on or before September 1)
Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten teachers use the Saxon Early Learning Curriculum, a completely integrated thematic curriculum that covers areas of language and early literacy development, math, science, social studies, and art. This is accomplished through hands-on learning activities.

Summer Day Care

A June and July Summer program is available for our currently enrolled students.